Jinx Removing Oil


Jinx Removing Herbal Essential Oil Blend

The magical Black Cat is used in traditional hoodoo when you are trying to turn your run of bad luck around.

This is a classic magical blend of oils, earthy, rich and musky. Made with only the highest quality essential and cruelty free oils, you can wear it as a perfume oil, put a few drops onto a candle before lighting it, or diffuse it in an essential oil aromatherapy diffuser.

It can be used in association with candles, talismans and amulets, puppets, or simply to act on the aura of the magician.

Order includes 10 mL bottle of therapeutic-grade essential oil made with a blend of natural extracts to help you unwind and relax. Can also be used on hair or skin, as well as in candles and soaps.

Depending on the nature of the spell work and the ingredients of the oils they can also be used to anoint the body and/or personal belongings.

1 Bottle contains 10mL