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***Email Consult Needed prior to package creation*** Rejuvenate, Detox, and rebuild. These cleanses help give your body a much needed break from hard to break down solid foods. Theory says that liquidified diets can help the body better absorb much needed nutrients, phytochemicals and antioxidants and help eliminate toxins and waste build up from refined sugars, preservatives and processed foods. In addition, studies have shown after liquid cleanses there is typically a significant increase in gut flora and the good bacteria required for a healthy metabolic track. You can also receive them prepared for you or deconstructed so that you can prepare them at home. Please consult with your physician prior to making any dietary changes. This cleanse is not meant to cure , prevent or treat any condition or illness. We are not promoting unsafe weight loss , quick fixes or magic wands. This cleanse is not FDA approved. Please do your own research.

Directions: Start each day with cup of hot tea. Drink 3 smoothies a day preferably 6 hrs apart as your meals. Drink one tea at the end of the night before bed. If you want to eat we suggest eating one small fist sized meal around 6 pm . Example: salmon and greens. (( no processed or boxed foods))